Tuesday, May 27, 2008

virginize pack 4.0 for iphone

what to virginize your iphone just download the zip file and unzip it and follow the instructions

*Unzip it and extract the folder on your C:\
*Copy the "verginizer_pack" directory to your iPhone's /usr/bin/.
*Use MobileTerminal or SSH to change to the "virginizer_pack" directory.
*Give "" permission to execute:

chmod +x

*Execute and follow the prompts:


If errors occur they will be saved in "error.log" in the virginizer_pack directory.

virginator 0.4 Features

* Add check for BSD Subsystem before running.
* Rename previous error.log files so they're not overwritten
if is run more than once.
* General code cleanups.

MailCoaster for iPod Touch & iPhone

MailCoaster is a fast and easy mail application, adding the missing piece to the iPod Touch. It is also often faster than the built-in iPhone Mail.
MailCoaster is specifically designed for mobile devices and cannot be used with your desktop computer. Proceed to your iPod, open Safari and type into the address bar of your browser

MailCoaster is built on the award-winning, unique IzyMail technology and works with your regular POP3 mail as well as your webmail account at MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc.

Your account information (email address & encrypted password) is stored as 'Cookie' on your iPod and the iPod will store approximately 200 such cookies.