Friday, March 20, 2009

Apple Ipod Shuffle - world's smallest Mp3 Player

Apple Released their new Ipod Shuffle wich is little bit smaller than its previous release ,the main advantage is you can swith to your favourite songs by just your voice command the device can be able to recognize your voice and it switch over to the appropriate track with the voice you supplied

The New shuffle can support around 14 Languages and comes with capacity of 4GB(hold around 850 Songs) and the price ranges is from 79$

iphone OS 3.0 Release - Summer '09

its expected that iphone OS 3.0 is going to be released for this summer (March 17) with lots of features like Copy / Paste options which is going to be the inbuilt option for the iphone where the older ones lacks text formatting option which is a unavoidable one in case of word applications ,and Apple inc is also going to release their 3.0 SDK( Software Development Kit) for the public for easy development of apple gadget applications