Saturday, December 22, 2007

DVD to iphone video converters - Free Softwares

Videora - 2.0

Videora 2.0 is the latest version a new personal video downloading program. Utilizing BitTorrent peer to peer technology and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, Videora automatically and intelligently finds and downloads video you want to watch. With easy to use features like Watch Lists and Season Tickets you will be able to watch your favorite video, no matter where you are in the world. All you need to get started is a broadband internet connection and Windows

HandBrake 0.9.1

Hand brake is an another video converter available for free download

WordBreaker for Iphone - Free Online Game

WordBreaker is a free online game for iphone, the objective of the game is to guess the secret word of the computer before it finds the secret word of the user , quite tricky game

Friday, December 14, 2007

MobilePet myPhone

One of the first game launched for the iPhone is Cellufun's MobilePet myPhone that is a virtual pet game, only that the pet is actually an iPhone. And like any pet it has needs, you have to feed him, but what does a petphone eats, you ask? Tunes and videos, of course!
The mini iPhone also plays by browsing the web and using mobile games, but sometimes it get's sick and needs to visit the virtual computer store to get well.

MobilePet myPhone is available online from your iPhone and also from other 566 handheld devices.
The game has a scoring system, that gives you points when you take good care of your pet and also when your friends visit your pet's page on Cellufun's site, and at the end of the month, the player with the highest score wins a real IPhone!

iPhone Customized Google Home

Even though some people see in Google and its Android mobile platform a competitor for iPhone, our favorite search engine seems to know once again that the best way to succede is not to fight competition, but to take advantage of it.
Adding to the native implementation of Google Maps and YouTube on the iPhone, Google now comes with a customized home page, designed for mobile Safari of the iPhone and iPod Touch, this way targeting the milions of iPhone users around the world.
The new redesigned home page comes not only with a perfect sized search box, but also with a top navigation bar that allows easy access to all popular Google sevices, like Gmail, Reader or Calendar.You can have access to this new version of Google by simply pointing your iPhone Safari to

Monday, November 12, 2007 for Iphone - Disable Edge, Turn ON/OFF bluetooth, WiFi and SSH - Disable Edge, Turn Off Bluetooth, Wifi, and SSH

This Application is used for easy accessing to the different running services for the iphone such as Wifi, Bluetooth, EDGE, Calling, and SSH.

Currently the Application only supports turning on/off Edge, Bluetooth, Wifi, and OpenSSH.

In order for this to all work, your system must have BSD Subsystem installed or at least the BSD/Unix tools grep, launchctl, sh/zsh/some shell, and ifconfig.

Install through, how simple could it be, or to do it manually; copy the unzipped to /Applications and chmod 755 as usual.

If anyone has some suggestions for things that would also be nice to control from Services, let me know.

Download Here

Lockbox - Password & Information manager for iphone

Lockbox is a password & secret information storage program for the iPhone. It stores passwords for websites (or any system), credit card info, or any secret information you need to keep ready at hand, encrypted on your iPhone.

Download here LockBox

Installation via

Lockbox is available via Ste Packaging, a repository in the Community Sources. Sometimes the maintainer is busy and takes a while to update the package, so I have made my own repository for your convenience.

From Installer, go to Sources, and click Edit. Then click Add, and enter:

You should see the latest version of Lockbox available to you. I've noticed when there is another version available on another repository, Installer thinks you need to upgrade to this, whether or not it's a lower version.
Alternate Installation

You can download the .pxl and install it via iNdependence (Mac) or iBrikr (Win).

You can send PayPal donations if you wish to
Version 0.5 Released

I highly recommend installing the BSD Subsystem before upgrading or installing - if you do, you will have Lockbox's password authentication background become the same as your iPhone's background. It is the automated process I described here.

Tags - apply multiple tags to items, and filter view items by multiple tags
Option to hide secret items in the list view
Option to edit items upon selection (ie tap the item anywhere)
Change password
Lockbox locks when iPhone locks

Running youtube on iphone with Firmware 1.1.1

To get youtube to run on an Iphone on 1.1.1 firmware, simply download file

Download Winscp from this link. Winscp is a very simple File transfer program to get files to and from your iphone to and from your PC. If you know how to transfer files in your File Explorer in windows, you will have no problem here.

Install and run Winscp. Winscp looks something like this

To find out your host name ip, go to your wifi settings and find out what your IP Address is from there.

Unzip and Upload the three files overwriting the originals to upload them via WinSCP (User: root Password: alpine) to /private/var/root/Library/Lockdownd

After overwriting the three files, exit and reboot iphone. Youtube is now running.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Iphone Elite - Some great free applications for iphone

Some of the Great games and applications for iphone

These are some of the productions of the iPhone Elite dev team.They don't like secrecy, they don't take themselves too serious, and they'r not out to make money. If you want to help them, you can contact them thru IRC or send them broken iPhones for testing. Monetary contributions are not accepted by them

Reverse the iBricks Done! Downgrade your basebands now!
Jailbreak 1.1.1 iPHUC for 1.1.1
Baseband "virginizer" Done!
Traceroute for iPhone Download it here!
"True" unlock for 1.1.1 Under heavy development

For more information click here

iSwitcher for iPhone V1.80 - Theme Changer For Iphone

iSwitcher v1.80 is ready to go (has been for almost a week), works great! working on the finishing touches on all the theme paks and getting them updated for the new "launcher" apps as well as few other apps that have popped up. Function wise the only real difference is of course the navigation bar with the "more info" button and the "Restore iPhone" button, which loads the (old) iPhone.thm theme. Given that, during the install the software will rename the iPhone .thm folder so it's not shown in the display for iSwitcher.

Iphone Compactability

iSwitcher is 100% compatible with SummerBoard (verified with all versions up to 2.11 & Alpha 3.0a11)

Download Links

InstallerPak1.55.pxl Download Here
KeyboardPak_v1.0.pxl Download Here
Themepak2.pxl Download Here
iSwitcher_v1.60a.pxl Download Here


Follow this Link for Brief installation instructions with images

For More Details about the application visit here

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Instant Messengers for iphone


Mundu is a free instant messaging application and it provides the leading IM services AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk, through a single chat window.

Mundu IM iPhone Edition

used to chat with the 4 leading IM services providers: MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Gtalk.
Completely customized for the iPhone the closest IM experience that replicates a native iPhone application
Conduct simultaneous chat session with easy notification
Scroll to see entire chat session
Add buddy like you would on a desktop messenger

Skype for iPhone

M+ for Skype is a web service that enables voice and text communication with other Skype users and provides cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles. Pure SkypeOut quality with no extra voice delays. The application is designed especially for iPhone’s touch screen and complements the design and interface of iPhone.

Tiny Buddy IM

AIM on iPhone, wrapped up in Joe Hewitt’s iUi.

Post note and check for new tweets from your active life. “View New” feature only downloads new tweets to save massive loading time over the slow EDGE network. Operate one-handed with easer. If you are like us, you’re usually juggling more than just your tweets. We’ve made this interface simple but effective, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Chat Client

iPhone Chat Client is another AIM portal for your iPhone.


FlickIM is a GREAT looking AIM client for your iPhone.


A multi-user chat room application optimized for the iPhone.


Beejive is a GREAT app which runs quick and allows you to connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber from your iPhone.


Sign in to AIM, MSN and ICQ using heysan! on your iPhone. Yahoo and GTalk support coming soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free Application For Iphone - iPhit - Fitnss Tracking

The iPhit application is a high demand application for iPhone users who track their walking or running exercise using their iPod Nano and Nike+ iPod Sensor kit. With this technology, their run or walk events are tracked using a sensor in their shoe linking to their iPod Nano. Using the enhanced features of the Ipod Fitness Center, the iPhit application sends this exercise tracking data to the IPhone in an easy to read and use format. The iPhit home page displays the Runs, Challenges, Goals, Nike Community that are available on the Nike+ website. In addition, the Ipod Fitness Center can be accessed directly from the iPhone. Purchases can be made of the nutraceutical quality supplement products and other products that support a healthy lifestyle with one click purchases - right from the iPhone! You should have a Nike Login to use this application.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free SMS for iphone

Send free SMS from your iphone absolutely for free only for selected countries USA, Canada, UK, Sweden and philippines and also only for selected mobile carriers

Track down to :

Friday, October 5, 2007

Convert any videos to iphone videos - know how

The l X b of the iphone screen is 320X480 so for a normal home video or for the blockbuster movies crop the screen size to 480X320 or 240X160 for landscape playback and for the portrait mode reverse the values

The Pocket divX Encoder is the best video converter for converting any types of videos into Xvid or avi videos try this software for absolutely free. you dont need any extra codecs for this software to work it comes with builtin codec packages

Pocket divx Encoder (Link 1)

Pocket divx Encoder (Link 2)

Pocket divx Encoder (Link 3)

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NES roms for iphone - Part 6

Here is an another set of NES roms for iphone

Games list

Bionic Commando
Ducktales 2
Bubble Bobble
Legend of Zelda 2 - the Adventure of Link
Adventures of Lolo 3
Adventures of Lolo
Adventures of Rad Gravity
Alien Syndrome

Download Here

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

prince of persia NES rom game for iphone

here is an another list of nes roms, select the game roms from the NES emulator program, if you are not having NES emulator search for the emulator in my previous posts

Kid Icarus
Prince of Persia
Puyo Puyo
Rad Racer 2
Rad Racer
Skate or Die
Winter Games

Click here to download

NES game roms for iphone - Part 4

so far i have posted around 30 nes game rom's in my blog here is the next set of 10 game packs included just download the zip file and unpack it

Games rom list

Metroid X
Bomber-Man 2
Ghosts N Goblins
Legend of Zelda
Marble Madness
Metal Gear
Metroid - Zebian Illusion

Click here to download

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Iphone Camera application - Turn your neighbours to pirates

This Pirate.tar is a camera application for iphone which is used to decorate the photos taken with the camera with the pirate look, the available pirate templates are pirate hat, mustache, and a parrot, have fun with this application

click here to download

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Change Battery icon for your iphone - Part 2

Change your Battery icon into different icons provided here extract all the
icon files included in this zip file to your iphone battery icon direct

Download here

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Change Battery icon for your iphone

Change your Battery icon into different icons provided here extract all the 
icon files included in this zip file to your iphone battery icon directory

Click here to download

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NES game roms for iphone - Part3

NES Game Roms for Iphone , a pack of 10 games are included

Game Roms List

Track & Field
Snake, Rattle N Roll
Dr. Mario
1943 - the Battle of Midway

Pack of 10 games

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NES roms classic games for iphone - Part2

NES roms for iphone, please use the NES emulator for the iphone provided in this blog to load this game roms to the emulator and then start your play

Game Roms included

Adventures of Lolo 2
Boulder Dash
Burger Time
Dig-Dug 2
Mario Bros

Pack of 10 Roms

visit later for more roms, post your comments here

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NES roms classic games for iphone

some of the classic games like pacman, pinball, super mario and other famous games are included as NES game roms download it here

Included Roms
Super Mario Bros
Ice Climber
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Bomber Man Collection
Ballon Fight
Pack of 10 files

NES Emulator for Iphone - NES-V 0.99

NES V0.99 emulator for iphone with multitouch options available

Download here

NES V0.99 Emulator

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sound recorder for your iphone

Sound Recorder application for iphone, Record upto unlimited length using this application

Click Here to Download

TicTacToe Game for iphone

The classic and interesting puzzle for your iphone

Click Here to Download

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Itetris Game for iphone

itetris is an tetris game for your iphone that works well

Click Here to Download

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First theme for your iphone

Tired of the same clown theme for your iphone, customize your iphone with new themes with enriched new icon sets and different backgrounds

Preview Of the Theme

Click Here To Download

Monday, August 27, 2007

Some tricky methods to unlock iphone

Apple iPhone is probably the most hyped gadgets ever created, however it is currently available only in the US and is locked into AT&Ts network by a two-year contract. By unlocking the iPhone it makes it possible to not only change carriers to get out of the two-year contract but will also allow people outside US to own the highly prized gadget.

iPhone hackers have been quick to seize on this opportunity and have not one but four options for unlocking the iPhone giving everyone the chance to own the highly prized gadget.

The four options available to unlock the iPhone that have surfaced so far have been mentioned below:

Forged SIM method:

The hackers in Europe first claimed to have unlocked the iPhone to work with any carrier with forged SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, however there were issues reported that if you had an old SIM (V1) then it was possible to use the published method and program (forge) the new SIM card to make it work with the iPhone and on your network. However, if you are using one of the modern version of the SIMs i.e. V2 or V3 SIM then it wouldn't work. (see, Hackers from Europe unlock iPhone to work with any carrier with forged SIM)

Turbo SIM method:

Hackers then claimed to have come up with a method which doesn't use card readers and more importantly doesn't depend on which version of the SIM you are using, they have claimed that it will work fine with V1, V2 or V3. This has been confirmed by folks @ Gizmodo who have been using the unlocked iPhone for the last one week now using Vodafone network. (see, iPhone completely unlocked (hacked) using Turbo SIM card)

Hardware soldering method:

The iPhone dev team did not want to stay out of all the action in the iPhone hacking space and have recently claimed to have unlocked the iPhone completely using a complicated hardware method. This method involves opening the iPhone and soldering some parts. The hack is supposed to work with any SIM card and carrier. Check the YouTube video below to check their claims. (see Gizmodo, iPhone Unlocked (Again) with Obscure Hardware Solution)

Software method:

If these three options are not enough; we have claiming to have developed a software solution to unlock the iPhone to work with any SIM and will be posting the software as early as tomorrow (25th August 2007). Apparently there were about eight locks that Uniquephones engineers had to break in the iPhone software to come up with the code that will unlock the phones. However, unlike the iPhone Dev team plans to sell the unlocking software for a reasonable fee of $25 to $50 (with a discount of 25% if you are already a signed up). (see Gizmodo, iPhone Unlocked with Paid Software Fix)

Though the approach of all these methods to unlock the iPhone are quite different; there is interestingly some common things about them as well as can be seen below:
We are still to fully understand the impact of unlocking the iPhone on its various features. So far we know that Visual Voicemail feature will only work on AT&T’s network because of the way the feature is designed. So it is safe to assume that it will not work on any of the four options.
All these options will cost you money ranging from $25 to $96 (shipping extra) and are not free like quite most of the iPhone hacks.
By using any of these unlocking methods there is a high probability of voiding the warranty of your iPhone as you could be violating Apple iPhone's T&C.

If you are looking to unlock the iPhone free of cost then you will need to wait for iPhone Dev team to publish their work. It will also be a good idea to read this article by Engadget before you decide to unlock your iPhone: Know Your Rights: Is it illegal to unlock my iPhone?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Top 10 iphone games

you’ve managed to get yourself an iPhone and haven’t smashed it yet, you’ve probably noticed that the iPhone isn’t preloaded with any games,so here are top 10 free iPhone games:

1- Shredder iPhone Chess

2- Diamenty which is basically Bejeweled, my favorite online game EVER!

3- Sudoku, the world’s favorite logic based number placement puzzle.

4- Checkrz aka Checkers!

5- i-Tiles: a memory game

6- Reversi: an abstract strategy game

7- Collapsing Blocks: falling blocks puzzle game.
Collapsing Blocks

8- Video Poker
Video poker

9- iMineSweeper: the classic Minesweeper game.

10- iPhone Sokoban: a puzzle game where you have to push the boxes onto the target squares.

All of these games are web based as Apple still doesn’t offer any downloadable games.

iPhone games: Tetris Game for iphone

Tetris for Apple iPhone is a free web-based version of
the classic Tetris game, which used to be the #1 game
after Pacman back in the 80's. And considering that
iPhone's touchscreen allows for some extended Tetris
game functionality, it's certainly one of the more fun
games to play on the iPhone.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Browse your iPhone folders from Windows


iPhoneList is a Windows-based folder browser for your
iPhone. It supports copying files to and from the
iPhone (Drag and drop to iPhone), as well as basic
file-management functions for the iPhone itself
(create folder, delete files and folders).

Copy Files / Folders to iPhone (Drag & Drop)
Get Files / Folders from the iPhone
Create new Folders
Delete Files / Folders
Preview text files.
Show Strings in binary files.


If you don't have a "phonedmg" folder, you can get
the iTunesMobileDevice.dll that's required in your
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device
Support\bin folder. Make sure it's in the same folder
as iPhoneList.


iphone-backup-decoder / Extracts the files stored in the iPhone Mobile Sync Backup folder.

iTunes stores a backup of some of the iPhone files on
your computer. This script will extract these files so
that you can view and edit them.

The script does not currently support re-encoding.

Make a copy of your

/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ and
run the script against the *.mdbackup

files. The script will create a MobileSyncExport
folder which will contain the extracted files.

Currently supports Mac OS X. Tested on Python 2.3.5
and upwards.

Click Here To Download the script

NES Emulator for iphone to play classic games in your iphone

nervegas's version of the emulator can be found here
Click HereIt'd be nice if there was one central
location, but...

A native NES emulator for the iPhone, currently using
the InfoNES core.

Video of the emulator in action can be viewed at

Latest version is v0.31 available at

Presently there is no sound supported while playing
the roms

And the control is a bit iffy (using an image of an
actual controller, while cute, sucks).

The game ROMs need to be placed in
/var/root/Media/ROMs/NES of your iphone

First screen listing the available ROMs:

Clicking on a ROM (so long as it's a valid ROM w/iNES
header) takes you to the second screen, the emulator

Sunday, August 12, 2007

How to download free iPhone videos/convert videos for iPhone

From this article you can learn how to search / downloading / convert iPhone videos and music, and send that videos to the iPhone.

1) iPhone video formats supported
The device supports playing movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts in MPEG-4, H.264, MP4 formats up to 640x480. While, the screen's native resolution is 480x320. So, if you need to encode video for iPhone, you'd better convert to 480x320. The device can also playback music, audiobooks in MP3, both unprotected and protected AAC, Audible and Apple Lossless audio formats.

2) search media for iPhone and download it
Would you like to download free iPhone videos, iPhone music videos, songs and straight transfer to your iPhone without converting? OK. Just follow me. The following solution provides several ways to get it.

* Download free movies/music via P2P network
Limewire is fast and popular file sharing freeware working on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Through the P2P (peer-to-peer) network, you can free download various files by its catagory or keyword searching. No spyware, No virus!

Certainly, you can also use other P2P programs like eMule, Morpheus, Shareaza, MLDonkey and get resources from BitTorrent, eDonkey, Napster network.

* Purchase videos/music from iTunes store
iTunes music store has a lot of TV shows, movies, video clips, games, podcasts and audiobooks. There are two different kinds of iTunes files. One is Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected, the other is DRM-free named iTunes Plus. Using your Windows PC or Mac computer, you are able to get albums or a single title ($0.99 per song).

Officical guide on how to browse and buy music:
click here

* Record iPhone video
If you purchased media from MusicMatch, Yahoo music, Zune, AOL MusicNow, Rhapsody, Sony Connect or other online music stores, and would like to put the movies and songs on your iPhone, you can record the content to iPhone compatible formats using 3rd-party software like Tunebite (free trial), SoundTaxi (shareware), etc.

3 )Load CD into my iPhone
Both iTunes and Windows Media Player can rip CDs to MP3 or AAC formats. Let's take iTunes for example. Just insert your audio CD into the drive, launch iTunes software, click 'import' button when iTunes detect the CD.

4) Convert iPhone video and sync
Want to convert DVD collections (movies, concert or music DVDs) and movie files to iPhone video, or extract iPhone audio from music DVDs and videos? With DVD to iPhone Video Converter software, you will put DVD, AVI (Xvid, Divx), MPEG, WMV, ASF, MOV, DVR-MS, VOB, Rm, Rmvb, MPG, DAT on your iPhone, iPod and watch anywhere and anytime.

The ripping process is easy. Just add DVD or video files to the program, choose the target formats from "iPhone 480x320', 'iPod H.264', 'MP3 audio', then start converting videos or extracting audio for iPhone.

5) Youtube to iPhone
Youtube includes .flv, .mp4 extensions. iPhone doesn't play FLV format. But Youtube videos will be encoded in H.264 supported by iPhone to improve video quality and battery life on mobile devices. They'll have 10,000 movies available by June 29th, and should complete transcoding the collection three months later or so.

If you want to convert FLV to iPhone, maybe the free online converter click here

Download converter here :
for Windows Click here

for Mac os Click here

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Screenshot utility for the iPhone

Yesterday, we had iPhone hackers making progress in
their goal of creating high quality tools for the
iPhone by developing a full-fledged iPhone application
with a graphic user interface and its own icon in the
iPhone home screen.

Today we have Erica Sudan from announcing
that she has created her own screenshot utility tool
for the iPhone.

The idea of the screenshot utility originated when she
stumbled upon an iPhone screen shot snippet that was
meant to be used inside the application. After
spending some time playing with the code, she got down
to writing the code for the screenshot utility taking
advantage of UIApplication's _dumpScreenContents:

The screenshot utility runs from the command line so
currently more for the technically inclined and
produces a PNG output of your screen

The other tip is if you set the iPhone to never sleep
and put it into camera mode, you can script it to take
screen shots every minute (or five minutes or however
long) to take time lapse series of images, however you
can take up to a maximum of 4 pictures per minute.

The iPhone application is available for free download,

click here

to use the tool. As always please
remember to take the necessary precautions before
using the iPhone hack.

Stream audio from your iPhone to bluetooth headset

If you are one of those who was disappointed not to
see Bluetooth's A2DP profile in the iPhone feature
list then here is some good news for you as there is a

you should
be able to stream audio from your iPhone to a
Bluetooth headset.

What is A2DP?

In order to use Bluetooth, a device must be compatible
with certain Bluetooth profiles. A Bluetooth profile
is a standardized interface between Bluetooth devices.
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is a
profile that defines how high quality audio (stereo or
mono) can be streamed from one device to another over
a Bluetooth connection - for example in this context,
music streamed from an iPhone to a wireless headset.

Now that we all know what A2DP stands for lets find
out how you can stream audio from your iPhone to a
Bluetooth headset. Audio here means audio from audio
tracks as well as videos.

So achieve this you need to do the following:
Pair a Bluetooth headset with your iPhone, switch on
your headset so that it can perform the handshake with
the iPhone.
Go into the Visual Voicemail screen and tap the Audio
button in the upper right (which is otherwise a
Speaker button when your headset isn't on and
communicating with your phone)
You'll receive an audio selection dialog much like the
in-call dialog box that allows you to choose where to
send the iPhone's audio.
Select the Headset option, then switch over to the
iPod and begin playing music or a video.

And you should be able to listen to the audio from the
headset, however the only not so nice part of this
iPhone tip is that the audio still plays from iPhone's

This essentially helps you remove the cable clutter
associated with a wired headset. So if you get this
working don't forget to thank Earle Davies the reader
at TUAW for the latest iPhone tip.

How to Reset the iPhone

If for some reason your iPhone freezes and stop
responding to any of your commands and you've tried
the button, switch or touch screen input but nothing
will make it respond.

You are left with no option but to reboot or reset the
iPhone. Here's how to do it:

To reset the iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake
button and the Home button at the same time for at
least 10 seconds.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

iphone Specification

General Network   -  GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900

Size Dimensions     -  115 x 61 x 11.6 mm

Weight                     -  135 g

Display Type          -  Touchscreen - 16Million colors

Size                          -   320 x 480 pixels - 3.5 inches
                                      Multi-touch input method
                                      Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
                                      Proximity sensor for auto turn-off

Ringtones                -   Type Polyphonic, MP3 - 3.5 mm headset jack

Memory                  -   Phonebook Advanced, Photocall, Call records, 4 or 8 GB shared memory
Data                         -   GPRS, EDGE, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, USB Yes, v2.0

OS                            -    Mac OS X v10.4.8

Messaging               -    SMS, Email

Browser                   -    HTML (Safari)

Camera                    -    2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels
other features         -   Google Maps
                                       Widgets support
                                        iPod audio/video player
                                       PIM including calendar, to-do list
                                       Photo browser/editor
                                       Voice memo
                                       Integrated handsfree

Battery                    -    Standard battery, Li-Ion
                                       Stand-by Up to 250 hrs
                                       Talk time Up to 8 hrs