Friday, November 9, 2007

iSwitcher for iPhone V1.80 - Theme Changer For Iphone

iSwitcher v1.80 is ready to go (has been for almost a week), works great! working on the finishing touches on all the theme paks and getting them updated for the new "launcher" apps as well as few other apps that have popped up. Function wise the only real difference is of course the navigation bar with the "more info" button and the "Restore iPhone" button, which loads the (old) iPhone.thm theme. Given that, during the install the software will rename the iPhone .thm folder so it's not shown in the display for iSwitcher.

Iphone Compactability

iSwitcher is 100% compatible with SummerBoard (verified with all versions up to 2.11 & Alpha 3.0a11)

Download Links

InstallerPak1.55.pxl Download Here
KeyboardPak_v1.0.pxl Download Here
Themepak2.pxl Download Here
iSwitcher_v1.60a.pxl Download Here


Follow this Link for Brief installation instructions with images

For More Details about the application visit here

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