Monday, November 12, 2007 for Iphone - Disable Edge, Turn ON/OFF bluetooth, WiFi and SSH - Disable Edge, Turn Off Bluetooth, Wifi, and SSH

This Application is used for easy accessing to the different running services for the iphone such as Wifi, Bluetooth, EDGE, Calling, and SSH.

Currently the Application only supports turning on/off Edge, Bluetooth, Wifi, and OpenSSH.

In order for this to all work, your system must have BSD Subsystem installed or at least the BSD/Unix tools grep, launchctl, sh/zsh/some shell, and ifconfig.

Install through, how simple could it be, or to do it manually; copy the unzipped to /Applications and chmod 755 as usual.

If anyone has some suggestions for things that would also be nice to control from Services, let me know.

Download Here

Lockbox - Password & Information manager for iphone

Lockbox is a password & secret information storage program for the iPhone. It stores passwords for websites (or any system), credit card info, or any secret information you need to keep ready at hand, encrypted on your iPhone.

Download here LockBox

Installation via

Lockbox is available via Ste Packaging, a repository in the Community Sources. Sometimes the maintainer is busy and takes a while to update the package, so I have made my own repository for your convenience.

From Installer, go to Sources, and click Edit. Then click Add, and enter:

You should see the latest version of Lockbox available to you. I've noticed when there is another version available on another repository, Installer thinks you need to upgrade to this, whether or not it's a lower version.
Alternate Installation

You can download the .pxl and install it via iNdependence (Mac) or iBrikr (Win).

You can send PayPal donations if you wish to
Version 0.5 Released

I highly recommend installing the BSD Subsystem before upgrading or installing - if you do, you will have Lockbox's password authentication background become the same as your iPhone's background. It is the automated process I described here.

Tags - apply multiple tags to items, and filter view items by multiple tags
Option to hide secret items in the list view
Option to edit items upon selection (ie tap the item anywhere)
Change password
Lockbox locks when iPhone locks

Running youtube on iphone with Firmware 1.1.1

To get youtube to run on an Iphone on 1.1.1 firmware, simply download file

Download Winscp from this link. Winscp is a very simple File transfer program to get files to and from your iphone to and from your PC. If you know how to transfer files in your File Explorer in windows, you will have no problem here.

Install and run Winscp. Winscp looks something like this

To find out your host name ip, go to your wifi settings and find out what your IP Address is from there.

Unzip and Upload the three files overwriting the originals to upload them via WinSCP (User: root Password: alpine) to /private/var/root/Library/Lockdownd

After overwriting the three files, exit and reboot iphone. Youtube is now running.