Monday, November 12, 2007

Running youtube on iphone with Firmware 1.1.1

To get youtube to run on an Iphone on 1.1.1 firmware, simply download file

Download Winscp from this link. Winscp is a very simple File transfer program to get files to and from your iphone to and from your PC. If you know how to transfer files in your File Explorer in windows, you will have no problem here.

Install and run Winscp. Winscp looks something like this

To find out your host name ip, go to your wifi settings and find out what your IP Address is from there.

Unzip and Upload the three files overwriting the originals to upload them via WinSCP (User: root Password: alpine) to /private/var/root/Library/Lockdownd

After overwriting the three files, exit and reboot iphone. Youtube is now running.

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